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Cancer personalities love to dream and imagine things.

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They live in the past and hold on to their memories. And they are not the kinds who will forget birthdays and anniversaries. As the Cancer zodiac sign is symbolized by the Crab, these people tend to be hard on the outside and soft inside. They take time in getting to know people. They are not willing to let anyone into their private sanctuary without their permission.

Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it.

Cancer Horoscope For Wednesday, October 9,

Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!! Both in cases of Cancer male and female, their greatest strength perhaps lies in their stability and dependability of character. Cancer personalities often make the best husbands or wives. This is due to their natural love for the home and the family. These always acquire a unique position in their lives. Their protective nature makes female Cancer the best mothers among all other zodiac signs. On the professional front, Cancerians are very tenacious.

They are incredibly determined to achieve to achieve their career-related goals and objectives.

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Often their persistence makes them sail through. Cancer zodiac sign traits show they are also very intuitive.

Cancer Dates of Birth

They often give sound advice to their close ones since they have a natural ability to size up situations and people. Cancerians are also endowed with artistic abilities and often have literary or dramatic talent. They are also surprisingly good at mimicry. The first thing that strikes you after you interact with a Cancer star sign for some time is that these people are highly puzzling and difficult to predict. One moment they are perfectly friendly with you, and the next moment they feel insulted.

They can be sulking, moody, remote or withdrawn, and also brilliant and social at other times. Cancer zodiac sign individuals are also rather close-minded, and they easily form strong opinions of others, which are unlikely to change. They are also not forgiving in nature, and tend to remember insults for a long time! These characteristics may turn off most people who do not have the time or energy to persist. Those of you involved in a stable relationship have no reason to worry.

May, October, and December are the most romantic months for you. The most compatible zodiac signs with the Cancer native in love relationships are: Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces. Cancer, the most sensitive sign of all zodiac, desires love, family and stability.

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And they can get all these from the same water sign. The Pisces natives will overwhelm them with their devotion, the Scorpio is extremely attentive when they are loves, while the Cancer knows how to love with passion. Taurus and Virgo can be other good options in a love relationship, these signs offering the Cancer the stability they need, although it might be a bit too hard to take all the criticism of the Virgo or the coldness of the Taurus.

Uranus has been in the house of your career between March and April and during these seven years, it brought tumultuous and contradictory evolutions in the professional life. The Full Moon that occurs on May 18 , will bring you new ideas of making money. Now, the majority of them have excellent business ideas, but not the necessary funding to put these ideas into practice.

Therefore, they will need to look for financial support. Some of you will be able to convince their parents, partners or a friend to invest in their projects, but some of them will fail to find the needed support and instead, they will face arguments and reproaches. This is a good time to test the people around you, so you can see who you can count on.

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Another phenomenon that occurs frequently during this kind of transit is the discontent related to the current job and the desire to make something more. In this matter also, it is important to have the support and the right advisers. In May-June , when Venus transits the 2nd house, the financial security becomes very important for the Cancer.

Cancer January 2019 Astrology Horoscope - Joyful New Year!

In the same time, however, the natives like to invest in their own bodies, both for their health and for their beauty. Therefore, you will find different ways to save money, but also to gain additional income. However, after work, they will relax and pamper themselves either at a spa or at shopping, buying some nice clothes. Another advantage of this period is that they are great at communicating and they do it effortlessly with the people with jobs in the financial sector: accountants or bank employees.

Were you encouraged to reach for your ambitions? Did you feel safe? As the Aries full moon aligns on October 13, a professional situation comes to light asking for careful balance with a domestic situation. This is a turning point in your life of feeling a deeper sense of belonging and security, allowing you to make choices you can live with as you chase your passion and highest goals. As the sun enters Scorpio on the twenty-third, followed by the Scorpio new moon four days later, life is calling for a deeper dive into your heart.

But Mercury stations retrograde on October 31 and will recover recent territory in November. You may have thought you knew what you wanted, but this is the beginning of a journey of valuable discoveries about yourself and your heart. Dare to be honest. Standout days: 9, 15, 31 Challenging days: 3, 13, What's in your future?